White House counsel Don McGahn not a 'rat' like Nixon's

US President Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump

McGahn held at least three voluntary interviews with Mueller's team of investigators spanning a total of 30 hours in which he provided "a clear view of the president's most intimate moments with his lawyer", to investigators who were seeking to determine whether President Donald Trump obstructed justice, according to the report Saturday. In those interviews, McGahn gave the investigators information that they might not otherwise have gotten, according to a dozen current and former White House officials and others.

Kevin Lamarque / Reuters President Donald Trump as he presided over a cabinet meeting at the White House on Thursday.

Mr. Trump also claimed that Mueller - a Republican who was named Federal Bureau of Investigation director by President George W. Bush - was "looking to impact" the upcoming midterm elections, and he slammed the team of investigators and litigators as a "national disgrace".

The New York Times has responded to the President's attack on their reporting, Tweeting their own response to Trump.

Trump's allegation that Mueller's investigation constitutes a modern-day version of McCarthyism capped a torrent of insults he launched on Sunday morning against his actual and perceived political adversaries.

Although Dean was part of the White House-led efforts under President Richard Nixon to cover up the Watergate scandal, his decision to testify to Congress about it was crucial to exposing the affair and causing Nixon to resign from office 44 years ago. In doing so, Trump also bragged about what he said was the transparency his administration has reportedly shown in dealing with the Russian Federation investigation (despite reports that Trump's team has been stalling and adding conditions for an actual interview).

The New York Times said it stands by its story.

Trump's outside legal counsel, Rudy Giuliani, said McGahn's co-operation would help bolster Trump's claims that he did nothing wrong.

In remarks to CNN, a person with direct knowledge of McGahn's legal strategy did not "agree with the insinuation in the article that Don provided incriminating information about Trump".

The Times reported Saturday that McGahn has provided more than 30 hours of interviews to Mueller's team, "sharing detailed accounts of the episodes at the heart of" Mueller's inquiry, which the Times seems to claim has now moved on to whether President Trump obstructed justice.

These alleged efforts to cover his tracks are focused on what the media is reporting; news stories about Trump's potential meddling in the Russian Federation probe or events surrounding his campaign and Russian Federation that he didn't want to get out there. The Times has reported that Trump asked McGahn to deny a New York Times story saying he asked McGahn to fire Mueller. "Rigged Witch Hunt!" Trump later wrote.

White House counsel Donald McGahn, left, listens as President Trump speaks during a Cabinet meeting in August.

Giuliani told NBC News that if Trump had considered trying to remove Mueller that would not be criminal.

After the first interview last November, McGahn's attorney, William Burck, gave Trump's attorneys a brief, detail-light summary of what his client had said to investigating attorneys. "However, he didn't think I would tell them the truth!"

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