Death toll nears 400 in India's flood-hit Kerala, dozens missing

Kerala floods Worst rains in a century kills over 300 displaces 3 lakh entire state on alert for more showers

Flooding in southern Indian state kills more than 350, displaces 800,000

The state is staring at a huge clean-up operation after the worst floods in a century killed more than 200 people. Two women were rescued in the operation which was carried out on Friday.

As Kerala battles one of the worst floods in its history, people from all over the country have been admiring the commitment of the forces who are on the ground and working day and night to rescue the stranded people. Chief Minister of Kerala, Pinarayi Vijayan has estimated that two million people have been forced to move into relief camps since the monsoon season brought torrential rains three months ago. "We all pray for the safety and well being of the people of Kerala".

Fishermen have sailed inland from Kerala's coast to join the search, volunteers have set up soup kitchens and an worldwide appeal had been made for financial help.

Swelled rivers have also triggered landslides, which is the cause of a large number of the deaths recorded.

Thousands of people are taking shelter in small camps in the coastal town of Alappuzha.

Suri noted the Kerala government has to spend additional manpower to verify the supplies airlifted and shipped. In a heartwarming response to their fans, Liverpool Football Club has assured help aptly justifying their theme song "You will never walk alone" as reported by India Today.

As rainfall intensity will reduce, there may be slight relief from flood conditions.

The weather office warned of more heavy "red" category rains on Saturday as tens of thousands of people were still stuck on the rooftops of houses and community centres.

In addition to the government's hundreds of boats and dozens of helicopters being used in rescue efforts, the BBC reports that "the coastal state's many fishermen are providing valuable support, using their own boats to help the relief mission".

He accompanied both Union home minister Rajnath Singh and Prime Minister Narendra Modi during their aerial survey of flood-affected areas in Kerala. This is on top of the Rs.100 crore he had formerly allotted earlier. Several other states have come forward with helping hands, most notably, Telangana government announcing Rs 25 crore for flood relief. Along with this, Modi also announced Rs 2 Lakh exgratia for the deceased's family and Rs 50,000 for the seriously injured. According to the Chief Minister's initial assessment, the state has suffered a loss mounting up to Rs.19,512 crores now.

The state, ruled by the communist party, has received just a third of the immediate assistance of $285 million it sought from the federal government.

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