Fitbit Charge 3 goes official with touchscreen display, 7-day battery life

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The Fitbit Charge 3 is more intuitive water proof and paints a clearer

Fitbit isn't giving up on fitness trackers just yet. The Charge 2 was an immensely popular fitness wearable, so the Charge 3 has a lot to live up to if Fitbit wants it to be anywhere near as successful.

One of the most impressive things about the Charge 3 is its notifications. Not only does this year's fitness tracker have a sleeker design and a larger screen - which is finally a touchscreen - but it's also a swim tracker, waterproof to 50m.

Fitbit today is adding to the Charge family of fitness trackers by announcing the new Charge 3. It's unclear just how long we'll have to wait, but it's likely those who preorder the Charge 3 will find out shipping dates soon after, providing us with insight into when we can expect it. And Fitbit's stock price has fallen nearly 20% since early July over fears that the growing trade war between the United States and China could slap tariffs on its products.

Fitbit now puts the Charge 3's battery life at 7 days. You pick it up and it lacks all the heft you're accustomed to for a device like the Charge 2 or its predecessor. Aerospace aluminum was used for the Charge 3's case while Corning Gorilla Glass 3 covers its display, and speaking of that display, the one on the Charge 3 is a gray-scale OLED panel that's 40% brighter and sharper than the screen on the Charge 2. You can press it like a traditional button, using it to navigate the expanded UI, but it doesn't move and is instead touch-responsive. Fitbit refers to it as an inductive button, and attributes the new design, in part, to the new button. Fitbit also says other apps will arrive after launch. The Charge 3 now automatically detects when you're running to enable a workout and pauses it when it realises you've stopped running.

Using the sensor, Fitbit is able to measure blood oxygen levels to track health conditions like sleep apnea. And with seven days of claimed battery life, it outlasts any major smartwatch on the market. Meanwhile, Fitbit's also borrowed new software features from its smartwatches as well, including basic notification support and menstrual tracking. You'll now have widgets for checking the weather, viewing your calendar and setting alarms and timers. Both Charge 3 models also include a new locking mechanism for the bands so they should attach and detach more easily, enabling users to switch between a variety of bands made from silicone, leather, or fabric.

Fitbit Charge 3 first impressions: What do we think so far?

On the wellness side, the Charge 3 has guided meditation built in, sleep tracking, and female health tracking.

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