Iran to unveil fighter, upgrade missiles

Former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad center listens to an unidentified pilot during a ceremony to unveil Iran's newest fighter jet the Qaher-313 in Tehran Iran

Iran to unveil new fighter jet

"We drew up a good plan and presented it to Parliament, the president and the commander-in-chief [of the Armed Forces], and in the six months to March 2018 we made minor changes to the priorities, and prepared the plan for the current Iranian year (ending March 2019) based on the four-year plan that was submitted to Parliament", said the top general as quoted by Fars News Agency.

Meanwhile, the country's navy also announced on August 18 that it has mounted a domestically developed advanced-defensive weapons system onto a warship for the first time.

"Our focus has been on priorities, with the top priority being the missile issue", he said. "We are in a good position in this field, but we need to develop it", in an interview on television late Saturday, according to Tasnim. Iran celebrates National Defence Industry Day on 22 August.

The announcement comes as the USA military has said it has seen increased Iranian naval activity, including in the Strait of Hormuz, a strategic artery for oil shipments.

Trump said the deal was deeply flawed as it had not curbed Iran's ballistic missile programme or reined in its support for proxies in conflicts in Syria, Iraq and Yemen.

"Our resources are limited and we are committed to establishing security at a minimum cost".

The maneuvers in the strategic waterway came days after Iran's President Hassan Rouhani warned the U.S. it could shut down the waterway in response to the snapback of sanctions, the first wave of which came into effect on August 6.

"Arab Nato is part of the game of creating discord by the enemy and it's not worth paying attention to", said Hatami.

It is believed that Hatami was referring to the Qaher F-313 stealth fighter jet, which was first announced by former president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in 2013 and which Tehran said began test flights previous year.

It is highly unlikely that the Americans and especially the Zionist regime will dare to allow such an alliance between the Muslim countries as they know that Muslim nations have a clear objective and view Israel as the real enemy of the region.

The country's functional air force has been limited to perhaps a few dozen strike aircraft, either Russian or United States models acquired before the 1979 revolution.

Navy Rear Admiral Hossein Khanzadi said the defense system would be installed on Iranian warships "that carry out missions in deep and distant waters".

The US military's Central Command said it had observed increased Iranian naval activity, extending to the Strait of Hormuz - a strategic waterway for oil shipments the Revolutionary Guard has threatened to block.

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