OnePlus 6T to Launch in October, Continue Trend of Higher Pricing

OnePlus 6T to Launch in October as T Mobile Exclusive in the US Continue Higher Price Trend Report

The price of the One Plus 6T is tentatively set at $550

OnePlus' next flagship smartphone, likely to be called the OnePlus 6T, will be launching in October.

After a major success on OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T, the well-known Chinese smartphone manufacturers recently introduced OnePlus 6 which has beaten the company's sales records and captured the market's attention, both for its price and the features it offers.

According to people familiar with the launch plans, the optimized flagship would also include the new 600 MHz spectrum which will bring better and faster coverage network.

Citing people "familiar with the launch plans", CNET said that OnePlus is reportedly working on OnePlus 6's predecessor - OnePlus 6T - and is set to offer a specific, optimized version of the OnePlus 6T for T-Mobile network in the us, including the new 600 MHz band of spectrum. However, the most interesting thing to look forward to is that the OnePlus 6T will reportedly be backed by a major United States carrier for the first time, in this case, T-Mobile. With that being said, OnePlus is still required to get "technical approval" for 6T from T-Mobile by passing the tests, and, failing to do so could result in delay with carrier launch. This means the smartphone will support the telecom operator's 600MHz band.

Apart from the T-Mobile exclusive, the company will still sell its global unlocked version for AT&T and other overseas networks. This could potentially delay the launch in the U.S. and maybe around the world.

As mentioned, the report also adds that the phone will arrive with a $550 price tag, though the price has not been finalised yet. Unfortunately, not much information about OnePlus 6T's specifications and features are available.

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