Twitch Drops Ad-Free Viewing for Prime Members

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Pay now or kiss Twitch Prime’s no-advertising perk goodbye starting Sept 14

The highlighted section no longer appears on the Twitch Prime benefits page. The company announced in a blog post today it's nixing that feature for new subscribers starting September 14, while it'll be another month before it goes away for users on annual subscriptions. Current monthly subscribers will get ad-free viewing until October 15.

In addition to posting their announcement online, Twitch also sent an email to all of its Prime members.

"Advertising is an important source of support for the creators who make Twitch possible", Twitch wrote in its announcement to subscribers. With ads, the platform and game creators can get a cut. By paying $9 per month, Twitch members can add a "Turbo" membership to their profile, which disables ads across the entire site and adds a few other perks (cosmetic options while chatting in Twitch, larger video storage for video creators).

This is bound to be a disappointment for long-time Amazon Prime members that have utilized the discount on more than one occasion. Luckily though, Amazon is once again following Best Buy's lead and will begin offering a $10 promo credit with the purchase of select video games beginning August 28.

Being able to watch Twitch live game broadcasters without any ads was one of the most appealing components of Twitch Prime. Twitch Prime subscribers can also still get channel-specific ad-free viewing, according to the company, as part of Prime memberships by using a monthly subscription token on a channel that has ad-free viewing for subscribers turned on.

For new Twitch Prime members, the universal ad-free experience ends September 14. Twitch Prime benefits aren't going anywhere, the company stated, and the community should expect more and better free games, in-game loot, channel subscriptions, exclusive badges and more.

Twitch Prime is still, and will always be, packed with premium benefits you can't get anywhere else.

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