Biden: Values Mattered Most to McCain

Joe Biden Gives Emotional Mc Cain Tribute

Biden laments Senate’s division in eulogy for McCain

In a written statement, Sen.

The former Vice President noted that many people have asked him to explain McCain, because he admired him, but also viewed him as though "he came from another age, lived by a different code, an ancient, antiquated code where honor, courage, integrity, duty, were alive", Biden said. Listening to voices."Pence answered that Behar's feedback are "evidence of how out of contact some in the mainstream media are with the religion and values of the American of us."I would cherish to laugh about it, but I in level of truth can't", Pence talked about at the time.JUST IN: VP Pence on Coming Below Fire for His Religion: 'I Appropriate Breathe a Prayer of Reward.' Says America is a, 'Nation of Religion.' Peep our interview here". I am glad that they are able to now visit the most handsome state in the country, & I hope they enjoy their time in VT.

The six-term Republican senator from Arizona, who passed away last weekend after a battle with brain cancer, lied in state under the U.S. Capitol Rotunda - only the 31st person to ever receive that incredible honor - for a ceremony and public visitation Friday as lawmakers paid their respects.

Biden delivered an emotional eulogy at North Phoenix Baptist Church, speaking of McCain's heroism, dedication to his country, and love of his family. "And that John McCain served his country honorably".

Biden said the two men got to know each other while making overseas trips together. "I'm a Democrat. And I love John McCain", Biden said, in an opening quip that captured the tone of the service.

Biden declared that McCain's "legacy is going to continue to inspire generations". Biden told an amusing story of an award they both received for civility. "It's brutal, it's relentless, it's unforgiving". It was McCain's conviction that helped many of us believe, especially during the long winter of this presidency, that his code, what Biden called the "McCain code", can endure. "We had a hell of a lot of family fights", Biden said to laughter from the 3,500 or so mourners packing the auditorium.

Moments before the ceremony began, rain poured down as US service members escorted McCain's flag-draped casket up the Capitol steps, as senators and members of Congress - in addition to McCain's widow, Cindy, his children, and his 106-year-old mother Roberta - awaited his arrival.

Biden, who began the eulogy in a soft, nearly whisper-like tone, raised his voice as he spoke about what "animated" McCain, saying that it wasn't about politics, but the underlying values, that drove the late Arizona Republican: It was "everything he was".

He said McCain "love basic values - fairness, honesty, dignity, respect". "Knowing that this project is bigger than yourself". But despite their political differences, the former vice president said he views McCain as a brother.

Biden said that the late senator "could not stand the abuse of power wherever he saw it, in whatever form, in whatever country".

Biden ended with a line that brought many in the audience to tears: "To paraphrase Shakespeare: we shall not see his like again".

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