Deadly 'rat fever' in flood-ravaged Kerala

Military Medical Services personnel sanitize a flood-hit school in Kochi on Friday Aug 31 2018

Military Medical Services personnel sanitize a flood-hit school in Kochi on Friday Aug 31 2018

Over a fortnight after the massive floods ravaged the state, affecting almost 55 lakh people, about 13,000 people were still in various relief camps, State Disaster Control Room officials said. With these deaths, the toll due to leptospirosis since August 24 has been put at 23.

She further informed that the health department received guidance of expert panel of WHO, Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), Non Communicable diseases (NCD), national centre for disease control (NCDC), Union health ministry and Manipal Institute of Virus Research to carry out planning.

The health ministry began distributing preventive medicine last month and warned about the outbreak of leptospirosis and other waterborne diseases such as typhoid and cholera, Health Minister K.K. Shailaja told reporters.

"People have just started going back to their homes from the relief camps". It's a mountainous job to rebuild all the pieces. Extra than 10 hospitals and loads sub centres were destroyed entirely. We also send out a Weekly K+R Update, bundling together all the kidnap, ransom and extortion news of the week in one easy to read newsletter.

Doctors said that the outbreak had not come as a surprise and they were prepared to deal with it. Many of us, organizations and establishments beget promised assist and if all this materializes in an spectacular manner, the direct could perchance additionally be solved with out direct.

"All the hospitals are well equipped with penicillin as well".

Shailaja was quoted by IANS as saying, "Every hospital is stocked with all the required medicines", and advised people in the flood-hit areas to take precautions and a course of doxycycline. Standing water precipitated by heavy rainfall or overflow of rivers can act as breeding sites for mosquitoes, and subsequently pork up the aptitude for the breeding of vectors of dengue, chikungunya, malaria, Eastern encephalitis, West Nile Fever, kala azar, scrub typhus and loads others. Though a high alert has been issued against the infectious disease, sources say the department is suspecting the possibility of a bacterial strain that makes it more fatal.

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