‘Step change’ needed to address mental health in the workplace

BOSIRE Pay attention to mental health at work

BOSIRE Pay attention to mental health at work it matters

Speaking at an event to launch his Mental Health At Work initiative, he said: "You're just seeing all the sad things, all the pain everyday", as he chatted to senior paramedic Dawn Anderson, who has recovered from post traumatic stress disorder with help from her employer.

Mind surveyed more than 44,000 employees and found that nearly half had experienced a mental health problem at their current job - and only half of this 48 per cent had talked to their employer about it.

Poor mental health affects half of all employees, according to a survey of 44,000 people carried out by the mental health charity Mind.

The charity Mind conducted the survey, which included almost 44,000 participants.

Farmer added on the dedication that not just Prince William, but all the Royals, have to mental health awareness: "My firm belief is that all of [the royals] and particularly the Duke - in this context - have done a lot of background work and really thought about this issue and their commitment is 100 per cent real".

Natalie says it makes a huge difference when the workplace is supportive - they have flexible hours and regular catch-ups.

Workload along with hard relationships with line managers adversely affects the mental health of employees. A Deloitte study released in 2017 found that mental health issues cost United Kingdom employers between £33 billion and £42 billion each year.

"Now is the time for a step change in how we think about mental health at work".

It is not the first time the Duke of Cambridge has gotten involved with mental health charities.

Half of all employees are impacted by poor mental health.

Employers throughout the United Kingdom were engaged in three rigorous rounds of user testing as the website was built.

The website, an online gateway to resources, training, and information, allows companies and managers to better understand and support staff that may be struggling at work and remove the stigma when it comes to mental health issues including stress, depression, anxiety as well as manic depression and schizophrenia.

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