The Apple Watch is inching toward becoming a medical device

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Apple appears to have leaked the names of three new iPhones on its own website

Apple's new iPhone Xs and Xr models represent the next iteration of the company's previous iPhone X model it debuted past year. The XR's blue, red, and yellow are much more appealing than the XS's gold, which honestly looks pretty brown.

The watch will use new sensors on the back and on the watch dial. Such a mode would be most optimal for a low-memory device such as smartwatch.

The XR is Apple's new budget option.

Finally the new S4 SiP includes new accelerometer and gyroscope functionality that has 2x the dynamic range in terms of measurable values, as well as able to sample data at 8x the speed. If the user is immobile for more than a minute after the notification, the watch can automatically call for help "and send a message along with location to emergency contacts", Apple says.

Apple has bolstered the batteries loaded into each phone too.

It comes in two sizes, 40mm and 44mm (up from 38mm and 42mm, respectively).

The core new characteristic of the new watch is the larger screen which now achieves a higher screen-to-body ratio on the watch. But the XR is a little big bigger, and still has a great screen, and the new advanced bokeh and Depth Control features. Both have edge-to-edge screens, both have Face ID and Animoji, and both have the new X12 chip.

In Germany, the 512GB iPhone XS Max costs 1.649 euros or $1,917, a $468 difference. However, the actual volume of the watch is slimmer than the Series 3.

I'll need to start saving if I want one won't I?

Most of the new phones' performance improvements stem from the A12 Bionic processor. As for the microphone, it's been moved to the side so that it's further from the watch's speaker, which is now much louder than before. Unfortunately during the loud hands-on this was quite hard to evaluate. The crown has been improved and now gives haptic feedback, trying to mimick the "clicking wheel" feel such as in more mechanical dials, or more aptly, the clicking of a mouse wheel when you scroll with it. The haptics here are enabled not by the crown itself, but by a vibration motor inside the watch. It has a larger screen and a built-in sensor that can detect irregular heart-rates and perform an electrocardiogram, as well as detect when a user has fallen.

The new series has been approved by FDA for ECG recording as well but this feature would be limited to only US-based users initially.

That was an important part of Apple's 2017 presentation: the AirPower was about supporting a key differentiating feature of the company's mobile devices together: no other brand could claim to offer a phone, wearable, and audio gear that all charge without requiring separate proprietary connectors. It's to be noted that this will beg some questions on how the feature will be implemented in other regions, as using and advertising such medical monitoring features might be disallowed if you don't have regulatory approval.

But it won't just be iPhones, as the fourth series of the popular Apple Watch is also set to be unveiled at the September 12 keynote.

The iPhone XS and XS Max will be available to pre-order on Friday September 14, and ship Friday September 21 in the United States and other countries.

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