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Apple Unveils New iPhone XS—Do Agents Need One? |

If there was any takeaway in Apple's big iPhone unveiling on Wednesday, it's that buying an Apple handset is really expensive.

Of course, it's a quick breakdown of the top features from the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max.

Same as past year, Airtel might launch EMI schemes for the upcoming iPhone XS and the XS Max, but for now, the phones will be available for purchase at the original prices as Apple announced.

This week Apple announced the latest incarnations of its iPhone: the iPhone XS, the iPhone XS Max, and the iPhone XR.

In the CPU, GPU, UX and memory tests of AnTuTu, the iPhone XS has respectively scored 133,561, 150,931, 66,474 and 12,559 which brings the total benchmarking score to 363,525.

The screen needs no backlight, so black would appear as truly black rather than simply dark.

You can download the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max wallpaper by going to this link.

The Apple launch event of 2018 unveiled the 3 new iPhones - iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xr.

IPhones fetched an average price of $724 during the April-June period, a almost 20-percent increase from a year earlier.

Apple's new watchOS 5 will be available for other Apple Watch models starting September 17. It'll cost roughly $750 and come out on October 26.

Although it didn't sell quite as analysts anticipated, the iPhone X still emerged as the most popular in Apple's lineup, according to Cook. After all, the iPhone 6S is still the most popular selling model in the country and that's the one Apple is keen on making in India first. Who cares that audiophile headphones are thriving, and a lot of them still use 3.5mm jacks?

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