Eminem Responds To Machine Gun Kelly Diss On "KillShot"

Tyler The Creator

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The back-and-forth emanating Eminem's "Kamikaze" album stepped up a notch Friday afternoon when the rapper fired back at Machine Gun Kelly with a new diss track called "Killshot". "Just because, he didn't have a good reaction to him and he felt like one of 'em was going a little far", Eminem said.

Eminem continued, "It was one of the things that I kept going back to, going 'I don't feel right with this.' Now I realize people can hear what I'm saying anyways".

Check out his full explanation above.

Back in 2012, the Cleveland rapper Machine Gun Kelly tweeted that Eminem's daughter, then 17, was hot.

After addressing the song in an interview with Sway, the Detroit legend has finally locked and loaded a proper response with "KILLSHOT". "I'm 45, but I'm still outselling you", says Em.

Eminem's feud with Tyler, the Creator stems from when he appeared to make fun of Eminem's 2017 single "Walk on Water", tweeting, "Dear god this song is terrible, sheesh how the f-k". "Had to give you a career to destroy it". Six years ago might seem a long time, but some things aren't forgiven or forgotten very easily - and apparently not if you're Eminem. However, he explained to Sway that there was a "more petty" reason behind his feud. "You know I love you".

"First what he said "I'm the greatest rapper alive since my favourite rapper banned me from Shade 45" or whatever he said, right?" Like I'm trying to hinder his career. "You're not even in the fucking conversation". "I'm not gonna be America's punching bag, and motherf****** just wanna think it's cool and safe to say whatever the f*** they want about me".

Although the Home Office (at that point led by current Prime Minister Theresa May) didn't comment on the specific case, they told the newspaper in a statement: "Coming to the United Kingdom is a privilege, and we expect those who come here to respect our shared values".

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