Meghan Markle's Royal Life Is More Isolating Than Ever

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Prince Charles thinks Meghan Markle is the 'best thing to have happened' to Prince Harry

Appreciate all the DM's (Hi!), but that's not the Duchess of Sussex?? It doesn't matter if it's an everyday outfit, a floor-length gown or an expensive accessory, if Meghan Markle is wearing it, then fashionistas want it.

In an interview with People this week, Daniel Martin, who was responsible for the Duchess of Sussex's glowy wedding day makeup, opened up about Meghan's strength of character amid the whirlwind of drama that often seems to follow her every move. What's more, Meghan is one member of the royal family who is pushing the style envelope, so to speak, in more ways than ever before.

One source, however, previously assured HollywoodLife that Meghan is not with child and that if or when that happens the palace will announce it publicly.

Meghan famously prefers suits to dresses and skirts, despite royal tradition.

She also repeatedly referenced Meghan's former best friend Ninaki Priddy. "She needs to wake up and be a kind person".

Another royal-watcher, Emily Nash, told the magazine that post-wedding, Meghan "getting used to a more discreet social life. she is still going to be seeing and speaking to her most trusted friends just as before". There's nothing bold or brash or too extreme. Duchesses! They really are just like us. Only time will tell. According to People, Meghan Markle routinely goes to the Whole Foods five minutes from Kensington Palace incognito.

There is also the issue of leaks - Meghan flew to Toronto last month for a private visit to see her long-time best friend Jessica Mulroney, a Toronto-based stylist who helped plan her wedding, and she chose to stay at her family home to avoid any media intrusion.

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