Trump Falsely Claims 3000 Puerto Ricans Did Not Die After Hurricane Maria

President Trump speaks to members of the media following a briefing on Hurricane Florence in the Oval Office on Tuesday

President Trump speaks to members of the media following a briefing on Hurricane Florence in the Oval Office on Tuesday

Facing criticism over his handling of the hurricane that devastated Puerto Rico past year, US President Donald Trump has accused rival Democrats of inflating the number of people killed there.

Some well-known Republicans split with Trump on the issue. I know he probably doesn't feel that way.

Trump reportedly insisted that blind people wouldn't be living there. "Now we know why he's so orange, his brain is just melted pumpkin guts".

The team, which worked independently of the Puerto Rican government, looked at death certificates, spoke to funeral home directors and interviewed doctors, health officials, hospital directors and forensic pathologists to reach their conclusion. When pressed on the tweets, Cornyn grew frustrated.

Rosselló added: "In the meantime, I hope you consider sending a message of support to show you stand with all of the US Citizens in Puerto Rico that lost loved ones".

Some appeared to be working to calm the president down. "So I have no reason to dispute those numbers".

"This is a devastating storm that hit an isolated island. That is just what happened".

An analysis of the Puerto Rico death toll by Washington Post political correspondent Philip Bump slammed the Trump denials as "grotesque", and "obviously untrue". "Think of the people who are affected by that".

He also complained Friday that the Puerto Rican government commissioned an independent study by researchers from a Washington-based university to determine how many people died in the storm.

Cruz maintains the federal government's response to the hurricane was slow and inadequate while Trump said it was a success.

'When I left the Island, AFTER the storm had hit, they had anywhere from 6 to 18 deaths.

They said about 4,600 people died in Puerto Rico in the aftermath of the hurricane from delayed medical care.

A small number of Republicans seemed to side with the president.

President Donald Trump is very fond of the term "fake news", which is how he views any media coverage that isn't consistently favorable to his presidency.

Rarest of all was direct criticism. "I'll continue to help PR". She called the comments part of Trump's "theater of the absurd".

After almost a year of controversy over the figures, the island's governor said the new estimate would now be considered the official death toll.

On Late Night with Seth Meyers, the host criticised the president for "another insane conspiracy theory".

"We all need to stop the blame game & focus on recovery, helping those still hurting & fixing the mistakes", he tweeted.

Trump resurfaced the debate this week when he boasted about his administration's response to the humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico.

"Get out of its way, don't play games with it, it's a big one, maybe as big as they've seen", Mr Trump said.

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