IOS 12 GM: What To Know & How To Get It!

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iOS 12 GM: What To Know & How To Get It!

At its special event today, Apple announced ship dates for the four major operating system upgrades that have been in testing since they were unveiled at WWDC back in June 2018.

Apple will release iOS 12 on Monday, September 17.

Apple says older iPhone models should also get a speed boost after downloading the new operating system.

The Photos app will be updated with new search suggestions. That is, of course, what they about every update and just what we've come to expect as tech consumers. If you want to use iOS 12 before the vast majority of people, all you need to do is join the beta.

We've been using iOS 12 betas all summer and it has been a largely positive experience. Siri learns your routine and shows up the dedicated shortcut on the lock screen right when you need it.

A new Measure app will let you, ahem, measure distances with only your phone camera. Super helpful for things like redoing your living space or trying to calculate whether your couch is long enough for all of the Hemsworth brothers to lay on it.

Once you download an app while it is in the offer, you won't be charged anything when you download it later. This way, you can have a better understanding of your digital habits and change them as you deem necessary. There are other new features as well, such as new Animoji, Animoji in FaceTime, Screen Time, and more.

"Screen Time" adds the ability to monitor and limit your time in certain apps. More power to you! One of the biggest changes users may see is that notifications from one app will be grouped.

This walkthrough will help average users and those who maybe haven't followed the iOS 12 beta or past iOS release dates get comfortable ahead of the roll out. The revamped notification system also allows you to control the number of notifications you receive and from which apps.

Finally, tvOS 12 is a somewhat minor update.

Excited? iOS 12 will be available for free starting September 17. Apple states on their website. Want to search for an old password?

Basically, if Siri weren't already your closest friend and confidant, it's about to be.

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