Russia's massive war games in the heart of Siberia

Alexei Nikolsky  Sputnik

Alexei Nikolsky Sputnik

More than 300,000 soldiers from Russian Federation and China are taking part in the land, air and sea exercises this week, in a show of strength and friendship between Moscow and Beijing.

The Vostok-2018 war games, the largest staged by Russian Federation since the Cold War, were partly held at the Soviet-built training ground in Telemba, some 200 km to the east of Lake Baikal in the heart of Siberia, Efe reported.

Addressing a gathering of the soldiers, Putin said Russian Federation was a peaceful country ready for cooperation with any state interested in partnership, but that it was a soldier's duty to be ready to defend his country and its allies.

Speaking at Tsugol, situated close to the borders of China and Mongolia, Putin said the drills would help boost the country's internal security capabilities and to extend a helping hand to allies, reports Efe news.

On site, Mr Putin praised the "mastery" of the Russian army and its "ability to deal with potential threats".

Military helicopters fire over the training ground Telemba, north of the city of Chita, during the military exercises Vostok 2018 in Eastern Siberia, Russia, Thursday, Sept. 13, 2018. You demonstrated the high-level performance.

Units of the Chinese People's Liberation Army and Mongolian Armed Forces also participated in the drills.

"This is why we will continue to strengthen our armed forces, to equip them in weapons and the latest equipment, and expand our military partnerships, international", he added in front of the soldiers the russians and chinese. The official noted that 91 observers from 57 countries, NATO Military Liaison Mission and EU Delegation to Russian Federation attend the large-scaled exercises.

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