U.S. recoils from 'cop killing' in Dallas of Botham Jean



The discrepancies center around how Guyger gained access to an apartment that was not hers and whether or not she exchanged words with Jean before shooting him dead, according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

However, people still took the time to point out how ridiculous the tweet was by guessing other irrelevant items police could have found in Jean's apartment. Merritt says he's not sure what really went down last Thursday when he shot Jean in his own home - but he knows she's lying. "Give me justice for my son because he does not deserve what he got", Allison Jean said. They re-edited the story and changed the headline from featuring breaking news about marijuana in the apartment to one that now says "Lawyers disgusted by release of search warrant showing marijuana found in Botham Jean's apartment".

The news and the tweet, which received criticism online, had nothing to do with why Jean was killed the night of September 6.

"They have reassured us that, despite the charge of manslaughter, which we believe is the inappropriate charge, that they are keeping all options open".

In addition, Dallas News reports, Amber Guyger is only leave from the police department and allegedly "Dallas police aren't ready to discuss whether she will keep her job as an officer".

Attorneys for the family of a man who was killed by a Dallas police officer who said she mistook his apartment for her own are demanding that the officer be fired. Jean "ignored" the commands, so Guyger fired her gun twice, striking Jean, the affidavit said.

Officer Amber Guyger is charged with manslaughter in the shooting and is free on bond. "This was an intent to come after this young man's character, which is impeccable by the way".

It was unclear if police also searched Guyger's apartment.

Said Lee Merritt, "On the night that [Botham] was killed, the Dallas Police Department investigators were interested specifically in finding information that could help assassinate his character". "Upon being asked where she was located by emergency dispatchers, Guyger returned to the front door to observe the address and discovered she was at the wrong apartment", the document states. "It did nothing else", Merritt said.

Laurence Miller, a police psychologist in Boca Raton, Florida, said that based on the current information available, Guyger appears to have "basically followed the procedure for handling a potential deadly force encounter". "I need to go protect myself, '" Whalen said.

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