Why FEMA watches the Waffle House menu during hurricanes

FEMA looks to Waffle House as Hurricane Florence approaches

A closed Waffle House restaurant is seen on Sept. 13 in Myrtle Beach S.C

Warner told CNN that Waffle House prepares for a storm's aftermath by having resources like generators, food, and staff at the ready outside (but close to) the impacted area so that it can reopen restaurants as soon as possible.

LONG BEACH, MS-OCTOBER 7, 2017: Waitresses serve customers inside a Waffle House that plans to stay open all night across the street from the Gulf of Mexico in Long Beach, Mississippi as Hurricane Nate approaches the northern Mississippi Gulf Coast October 7, 2017. If locations in the affected area are forced to close, the index is red - and because Waffle Houses are very prepared, this is the rarest scenario.

But here's your sign of just how bad Florence could be - a reporter at the Myrtle Beach NBC station posted on Facebook that Hurricane Florence - still miles away - was powerful enough to shut down the local Waffle House ahead of the storm. If there were a Waffle House in London during The Blitz that bad boy would have been taking orders for steak and eggs in between bursts of anti-aircraft fire. Have you heard of the Waffle House index?

Hurricane Florence may have an outsize impact on sales at fried-chicken chain Bojangles' Inc., while other southern chains like Waffle House are so popular, the Federal Emergency Management Agency uses its sales as a gauge in natural disasters.

Each restaurant also has a "Waffle House storm playbook" with a play-by-play of what to do should the electricity or running water go out mid-storm.

Waffle House test doesn't just tell us how quickly a business might rebound - it also tells us how the larger community is faring.

The chain's policy has provided an unofficial way for the Federal Emergency Management Agency to track the severity of a natural disaster. We name it red. "Within the occasion that they're green, we're correct, defend going". "They are originate a variety of the time". "The sooner intelligent areas, grocery and corner stores, or banks can re-originate, the sooner native economies will originate up producing income all all over again - signaling a sturdy restoration for that personnel."In a 2016 interview with NPR, Fugate described how FEMA applied the Waffle Condo check".

Thank you to the dedicated Waffle House employees who are there to help out! "Within the occasion that they're originate however luxuriate in a restricted menu, that is yellow", he talked about.

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