Amazon reportedly plans to roll out more Alexa-enabled hardware

Amazon plans to release at least 8 new Alexa devices, including a microwave oven and in-car gadget

Amazon reportedly plans to release a bunch of new Alexa-enabled devices this year — including a microwave

Given the massive number of dash cams now on the market and Amazon's push into amplifiers and other audio products, the in-car gadget could possibly be a smart stereo instead.

Amazon isn't the only company trying to spread its digital assistant.

A new report by CNBC suggests that the company has plans for at least eight new Alexa-enabled devices, ranging from predictable items, such as an amplifier and a subwoofer, to the less conventional, such as a microwave. The info they've reviewed shows a list of devices that includes a microwave oven, amplifier, receiver, subwoofer, and an in-car gadget.

Smart speakers, smart displays and smart buttons - Amazon's ambitions for its Alexa voice assistant have been growing, but it's only built a few narrow categories of Alexa products itself.

CNBC reports that Amazon is expected to officially reveal the new devices at an event to be held later this month, with a microwave amongst the potential gadgets.

It's not just new products for the home the company is working on, meanwhile. Alexa was initially considered a geeky experiment at Amazon.

If these new devices are launched, it would be Amazon's first foray into the home appliances market, and will place it in direct competition with the likes of Sonos, GE and Garmin who already offer Alexa-enabled products for the home and vehicle. Garmin, too, has an Alexa-compatible dash cam that be used in a vehicle.

An in-car device would certainly not be new. That could give Amazon a chance to rival high-end voice-activated audio offerings like Google's $400 Home Max, Apple's $350 HomePod, and Samsung's Galaxy Home.

But the move signifies Amazon's heavy interest in the connected home. The microwave can make Alexa a key part of the kitchen. This is Amazon preparing to push into all of your home electronics and appliances.

If the new devices are made and sold by Amazon, they would be in direct competition with similar devices made by Sonos and Garmin.

Amazon is showing signs of accelerating partnerships with home builders. Sonos released two speakers that feature Alexa.

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