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The Khan Sisters’ Drama

Bigg Boss 12 Videos And Photos: 28 Years Old Jasleen Matharu And 65 Year Old Anup Jalota Lovey Dovey Photos

He further went on to add that since this year's theme was jodis, he chose to join Jasleen and come as a tag-along for her into the show.

When Salman Khan asked Jasleen how she would react if Anup got attracted to another contestant, she replied saying she trusted him and would handle the situation.

During the episode, Jasleen said that it's a big deal for her to reveal this and she is ready to face all the questions that come to her from her family members.

BB Press Conference Dipika Challenges Khan Sisters

Jasleen is a multi-talented artist and is trained both in music and dance. However, I don't want to comment anything on her personal life till I meet her. She has also performed with popular singer Mika Singh for over three years. One such jodi is of 65-year-old singer Anup Jalota and his 28-year-old girlfriend Jasleen Matharu. We usually don't get time to spend with each other in the outside world due to our busy schedules, but now with the help of Bigg Boss, we will get to do so. On Tuesday, Jasleen's father came forward and spoke about her daughter's relationship with Anup Jalota.

It is not fully know what role the two stars will be playing in "Bigg Boss 12" but they're expected to stir things up further with whatever they've got under the sleeves. Age gap has never bothered us and now once we go inside the house, we will get to know the real reaction of the people about our relationship.

Other contestants including Karanvir try to calm Sreesanth, but suddenly, Saba starts cries saying that the cricketer has no right to question her upbringing. No, not because of her Bigg Boss entry but because the hot actress is allegedly in a romantic affair with the veteran Bollywood singer Anup Jalota. Stay tuned to LatestLY for all the latest updates on Bigg Boss 12.

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