Roseanne Barr Spoils Her Character's 'Cynical, Horrible' Fate on The Conners

Roseanne Barr says her character will die of opioid overdose on ‘The Conners

Roseanne Barr says her character will die of opioid overdose on ‘The Conners

Later, Darlene realizes she has to go back to her first passion. writing, on the ninth episode and season finale of the revival of "Roseanne", TUESDAY, MAY 22 (8:00-8:30 p.m. EDT), on The ABC Television Network.

"There's nothing I can do about it", Barr said.

Despite her issues, she's resigned herself to her character's end. Killing off the character, after all, allows for a clean slate while also giving the character some sort of finality after the events of the Roseanne reboot.

John Goodman confirmed last month that the character of Roseanne would be killed off The Conners as a way to explain Barr's absence from the series after she was removed from the new project in the wake of her Valerie Jarrett tweet scandal.

Barr, 65, admitted she has accepted her fate and the fact that the show is moving on without her.

"Oh ya, they killed her", Barr told Brandon Straka's YouTube show Walk Away over the weekend. "They have her die of an opioid overdose", she said. It's so cynical and frightful. It's hard-hitting subject matter, and one that is sure to get the audience talking when it's revealed Roseanne ultimately dies because of her addiction.

After the scandal, Barr relinquished her creative rights to the show, and for the many fans, ABC decided to make a spin-off about the fictional family on the show, minus the former title character, of course.

ABC announced within weeks of the cancellation that "The Conners" - a new "Roseanne" spinoff series minus Barr - would premiere in the fall.

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