Playstation Classic: Sony brings out mini version of original console

PlayStation Classic Mini games console REVEALED Sony PS1 retro games coming December

SONY Play Station Classic Mini games console REVEALED Sony PS1 retro games coming December

In the dead of the night (at least for the States), Sony announced the existence of the PlayStation Classic mini-console. Current leading consoles allow players to download classic games.

The release date will mark exactly 24 years since the launch of the first PlayStation, which went on sale in Japan on 3 December 1994. If you want to know more you can sign up to the Sony mailing list on the site. Both Nintendo consoles reached the market with 30 pre-installed games.

Sony has created its own version of Nintendo's Classic Mini line of retro consoles, including games like Ridge Racer 4 and Jumping Flash!

'All of the pre-loaded games will be playable in their original format, ' the company said.

The PlayStation Classic will include two original PS1 controllers and a HDMI cable, and cost €99.99 (about £90, United Kingdom price TBA).

The controllers are full-size replicas of the PS1's original gamepads, not the later DualShock ones, and so don't include analog sticks or vibration.

Sony has announced five games so far. You do get a virtual card to save your game progress.

However, since the console uses an internal software database of games - players will not need to manually swap-out disks. Regional pricing is $99.99 Dollars / $129.99 CAN / €99.99 Euro / £89.99 GBP.

First there was the NES Classic Mini.

Yes, just like Nintendo's new creations, this tiny PSone-inspired machine takes the form of the original model, but at 45% the size of the system that launched back in 1995.

After the success of Nintendo's mini retro consoles, we have seen others attempt to follow in its footsteps.

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