Trump says U.S. considering permanent military presence in Poland

Trump says U.S. considering permanent military presence in Poland

Donald Trump is ‘very seriously’ considering more troops in Poland

The president of Poland told President Donald Trump that he'd like the United Statess to create a permanent American base in Poland that would be named Fort Trump.

US President Donald Trump greets Poland's President Andrzej Duda at the start of a joint news conference in the East Room of the White House in Washington, September 18, 2018.

Though the Polish president's naming proposal appeared to be in jest, Trump said Poland was willing to make a "very major" contribution if the United States were to establish a permanent military presence in the nation.

"I would like to invite you, Mr President, to post more American troops to Poland", Mr Duda said while standing alongside Mr Trump.

For years, Poland has lobbied for larger numbers of US troops in its country, where there are now several thousand American soldiers carrying out missions on a rotational basis.

Duda said Russian Federation could use supplies for "political blackmail", while Trump suggested it was "very unfortunate" that Germany would would be sending "billions and billions of dollars a year" to Russian Federation to pay for fuel. I was smiling when talking to... "We just think it's very unfortunate for the people of Germany that Germany is paying billions and billions of dollars a year for their energy to Russian Federation", he said. Duda's statements at the Tuesday briefing indicate Warsaw is indeed more than eager to have a permanent United States base on their soil.

A decision from the USA could come early next year. "The [Polish] president offered us much more than $2 billion, so we're looking at it".

"The president offered us much more than $2 billion to do this, so we are looking at it", Trump said.

Kornhauser-Duda walks from vehicle as she arrives to be greeted by the Trumps. "And I firmly believe that this is possible", he added.

Trump said he agreed with Duda's arguments that Russian actions, especially the seizure of parts of Georgia and Ukraine, warranted a tough response.

Poland is not only anxious about Russia's aggressiveness. Trump has also pressured Merkel to buy U.S. liquefied natural gas (LNG), but there is limited demand for it in Germany for cost reasons.

"We are the piggy bank to the world".

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