Coca-Cola in Talks to Make Marijuana-Infused Soft Drink

Coca-Cola said

Coca-Cola in Talks to Make Marijuana-Infused Soft Drink

So, we are talking about cannabidiol (CBD) is a substance present in marijuana.

Coca-Cola and Aurora Cannabis Inc. both declined to confirm the reports by BNN Bloomberg.

This is widely being interpreted as yet another indication that cannabis-related products are being seen as more legitimate in mainstream culture.

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a component of the marijuana plant.

CBD, which will not produce highs for users, is used for medical purposes, which includes easing pain, nausea, and inflammation.

ATLANTA-Iconic soft drink brand Coca Cola created some stock market buzz Monday when it was widely reported the Atlanta-based soda company was considering adding CBD-infused drinks to its line up of refreshing beverages.

Company spokesman Kent Landers said no decision had been made to enter that specific market but admitted it was "closely watching" how the sector was evolving.

Since Canada legalized cannabis for recreational use earlier this year, local companies have been racing to get a foothold in the imminent edibles market, developing boutique brownie mixes, protein bars, and even a cannabis beer.

"This will help patients with an exceptional clinical need, but is in no way a first step to the legalisation of cannabis for recreational use".

The analyst said Coke was taking a long-term stance in its positioning and estimated that drinks that are cannabis-infused could one day have an annual market value of $50 billion in just the US alone, which is close to half that of beer sales in the USA that in 2017 were $117 billion.

Just weeks after merging with a leading caffeine chain, beverage giant Coca-Cola has decided to make a late foray into the cannabis drinks market. Will Cannabis be legal in India after Patanjali CEO's Push? "There are a number of beverage companies in the space and we've spoken to at least three different companies over the last three months". "They missed the energy drink phenomenon, they missed - and then had to buy into - the functional waters like Vitamin Water and coffee", Dibadj said.

But testing the waters of cannabis-themed drinks could backfire, he said.

For those who are anxious about getting high from any of these beverages, have no fear. "It's more of the recovery drink angle that Coca-Cola is interested in pursuing". "You don't want to be too far ahead on any curve".

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