Amazon Hardware Event 2018 Roundup: Here Are All Biggest Announcements

Prompts on how to use Amazon's Alexa personal assistant are seen in an Amazon ‘experience centre’ in Vallejo California US

Amazon shows off microwave, clock, smart plug-in linked by their cloud-based voice service Alexa

The all-new Echo Dot comes with a new louder and crisper sounding speaker and an updated fabric design (charcoal, heather grey, or sandstone).

It still features both Bluetooth and aux output that can be used to hook it up to a bigger speaker. Each Smart Plug goes for an affordable $25, and they'll be available on October 11. With no speaker drivers to cover, it lacks the cloth speaker grille found on other Echo devices.

When Alexa is told "corn on the cob", a digital Echo speaker starts an AmazonBasics microwave oven in a faux home demonstration room, setting the preferred time and voicing what it is doing. It is incredibly slim with a 12.5mm thickness and will be up on sale later this year at $34.99. With new premium speakers and Dolby processing, you will not only get a better image but better sound.

Rather than using its own voice recognition technology, the device is also rumored to use the same software as the Amazon Alexa. Despite the massive upgrade, the new Echo Show is priced at the same $229.99 as the previous model.

Amazon Smart Plug is a new accessory that adds Alexa functionality to "dumb" electronics. The four new gadgets all adopt affordable price tags and have as their main feature, the Alexa smart virtual assistant which is integrated with all four products.

These products aren't for every audio enthusiast but I recall poo-pooing voice control myself...until I tried it. Experience matters - and I'll be getting an Echo Link once it begins shipping "soon". On detection of specific sounds, it can alert you or your security provider. Take Carolina Milanesi, for example, an analyst at Creative Strategies Inc, who believes that while Amazon is "aware of possibly just putting too much out there... this is still a very new market". Pre-orders are also being accepted on Amazon. This means you don't need to buy specific appliances to have voice control, which could have a huge impact on consumers.

The AmazonBasics Microwave won't ship until November 14th, but it's already (apparently) the number 1 best seller on Amazon for microwaves.

Amazon revealed a flurry of new Echo, Fire TV, and and Alexa devices this week, now a bunch are up for sale. You can just press the button and issue a verbal command, like, "Heat this up for 45 seconds", to get the timer going.

Featuring an eight-mic array created to optimise sound output for your vehicle, Echo Auto will make sure you hear Alexa over your music, air conditioning and general road noise. The Echo Auto will use your smartphone for data to stream the music you want to listen to. This is similar to the new Link Amp (US$300), but it adds a 60W stereo amp to the equation allowing you to connect it to your favorite pair of speakers.

Amazon seems to be pretty serious about sound systems now.

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