Apple Watch fall detection disabled by default … unless you’re old

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Unlike with phones, Apple Watch users aren't as likely to be on a yearly upgrade plan, so if you've got an Apple Watch now and you upgrade to a Series 4, you'll see some drastic improvements.

Apple made a big deal of fall detection during its unveiling of Apple Watch Series 4 - and rightly so. The ad features a man and several doppelgangers taking part in sports activities while wearing an Apple Watch Series 4. You can, of course, tap on the appropriate button if you're OK and if the Apple Watch detects motion, it will wait for you to react.

In the end, accessing the components within the Apple Watch Series 4 is relatively straightforward, and the device earned a respectable 6 out of 10 score for repairability. In an Apple support document page, first spotted by a Reddit user, Apple clearly mentions that unless a user lists his/her age as 65 years or older when setting up the watch, or the Medical ID record on the iOS Health app, the Fall Detector feature is disabled by default. However, if no movement is detected for a minute, the Watch will start a 15 second countdown, further tapping and sounding a louder alarm. Inside they found a bigger battery along with a bigger Taptic Engine, and more. Anyway, the test shows that the device doesn't always detect hard falls accurately. "The most important thing before buying iPhone XS Max - buy Apple Watch Series 4, "to watch managed to capture the heart attack" - joking on the network". There is some margin of error that you should keep in mind.

The Tim Cook-led company launched the Apple Watch Series 4, alongside the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR on September 12. It will prove useful to people anxious about their heart health. The same sensor has a dedicated cutout beside the microphone on the Series 3. It's not like the Apple Watch will immediately go into panic mode and all emergency services immediately.

It looks like Apple moved the microphone to the other side of the case, allowing the speaker to take up more room - and therefore allowing it to increase the volume.

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