Biden: Kavanaugh Accuser Should Not Get The Anita Hill Treatment

Joe Biden invokes 'Deliverance' rape scene in defense of Kavanaugh accuser

As he considers 2020, Joe Biden airs regrets of Anita Hill hearings

Republican Senate candidate Kevin Cramer of North Dakota is seeking to clarify comments he made about a sexual assault accusation against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

"The question I was answering was how the current accusation against Brett Kavanaugh by Christine Blasey Ford compared to the Anita Hill accusation against Clarence Thomas", Cramer said in a statement to TPM Saturday afternoon. Senate rules prevented him from "gaveling down" his colleagues and blocking them from asking certain questions, "so what happened was she got victimized again during the process".

Kavanaugh's confirmation has been brought to a halt by allegations that he attempted to rape psychology professor Christine Blasey Ford when they were both in high school in the 1980s. Cramer, a US representative, made the comments to a North Dakota radio station Friday, saying the incident was "supposedly an attempt or something that never went anywhere", according to a recording published by Talking Points Memo.

Additionally, Cramer's seems to be implying that an incident in which Kavanaugh supposedly backed a girl into a room, pinned her down, groped her, tried to undress her, and covered her mouth to muffle her screams, is not actually that bad because she managed to escape. At the time, there was a sense of legitimacy to what Anita Hill was saying, but it is hard not to be skeptical considering the timing and history of the allegation Brett Kavanaugh is facing. Kavanaugh has denied the alleged assault took place, as has another man who Ford said was present at the time.

It looks as though Ford will follow in Hill's footsteps and tell her story to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

President Donald Trump and Senate Republicans say that renewing an FBI investigation into Kavanaugh's background will not happen. "But I never attacked her".

Cramer, meanwhile, is trying to unseat Sen.

"My biggest regret was I didn't know how I could shut you off, as you were a senator, and you were attacking Anita Hill's character, " Biden said.

In his radio interview, Cramer said that, while Ford should be heard by the committee, she should not be allowed to testify after Kavanaugh, saying "that's just not how it works". "People were asking, 'When are you going to apologize to her?,'" she says.

Biden is contemplating a presidential bid in 2020 but declined to reveal his plans to NBC: "I desperately want to change the landscape, and there's more than one way to do that. you got a lot of talented people, but we got to stop this degradation of the system that's going on".

"Why would any good person ever put themselves forward to be a judge, an appellate court judge, a Supreme Court justice, frankly a member of Congress or the United States Senate or governor or anything else, if this is the new standard?"

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