Indonesian teen survives 48 days adrift at sea

Indonesian teenager survives 49 days adrift at sea in fishing hut

Indonesian teen survives 49 days stranded at sea

Nineteen-year-old Aldi Novel Adilang was on the hut, called a rompong, which consisted of a small shack with a fishing trap about 175 kilometres from the coast when the rope securing it in place snapped on July 14.

19-year-old Aldi Novel Adilang had been working as a lamp keeper on a remote fishing trap - known locally as a rompong - situated 125 kilometers off the northern coast of Manado in the province of North Sulawesi, Indonesia.

He was employed as a lamplighter on a rompong or floating hut 77 miles (125km) out to sea - earning $130 (£99) a month to keep the lamps on the trap lit to attract fish.

An Indonesian teenager who survived 49 days on the ocean after his wooden hut was pushed out to sea by strong winds has been reunited with his family.

"Aldi said he had been scared and often cried while adrift", Fajar Firdaus, a diplomat at the consulate in Osaka, told the Post. Adilang used to be provided a weekly supply of food, water and fuel when the owner would collect the fish.

A teenager survived 49 days at sea after a storm ripped his tiny vessel from its moorings and set him adrift into the Pacific Ocean.

More than once, the teen's hopes of rescue were renewed at the sight of a passing ship.

More than 10 ships passed by before the Panamanian vessel stopped for him on August 31 after its captain intercepted Adilang's radio signals.

"After he ran out of the cooking gas, he burned the rompong's wooden fences to make a fire for cooking", he was quoted as saying. When it didn't rain for days, "I had to soak my clothes in the sea, then I squeezed and drank the water". In desperation, Mr Aldi jumped into the water to reach it and was eventually pulled to safety. Adilang told local news portal TribunManado that he thought he "was going to die out there".

The Indonesian Consulate in Osaka, Japan, says the 18-year-old was rescued by a Panamanian-flagged vessel off Guam on August 31, about 1,200 miles from his original location, and returned to Indonesia with officials earlier this month.

Adilang is the youngest of four siblings and arrived back home on September 8, in good health despite his ordeal.

The post added that the consulate expressed its appreciation "to all parties involved in rescuing and returning Aldi home safely to Indonesia". He eventually returned to his home on September 9 and is in good health, the consulate said.

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