This Caller Got Really Angry By Jeremy Corbyn's Second Vote Revelation

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The Daily Express runs with the headline: "Outcry at Labour's betrayal of Brexit", and says the Labour leader faced a "furious backlash" after confirming he was ready to join calls for a re-run of the 2016 poll if delegates back the demand in a vote at the party's conference.

Corbyn, an Arsenal supporter, is on Merseyside due to the Labour annual conference taking part in the city this weekend.

"And if there is a general election and we are in office we would go straight to the negotiating table".

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell said Jeremy Corbyn should be succeeded by a woman. The pair opted not to take hospitality seating, showing their socialist values.

He claimed most Labour Party members and members of Mr McCluskey's union wanted the option of staying in the EU.

Labour's polling numbers have remained relatively stable throughout the scandal, said Steven Fielding, professor at University of Nottingham, but the row continues to reverberate through the party.

Instead of getting a vote on whether to back a People's Vote delegates will instead get a say on "keeping all options on the table".

He said Sunday that he would prefer a general election rather than a referendum, but added: "Let's see what comes out of conference".

"My big worry is that if we go for a referendum which is seen as just a simple re-run we could divide the country again, we could get nearly the same result or if it's slightly different that people demand another referendum".

Having spent the summer fending off accusations of anti-Semitism, Britain's main opposition Labour Party is once again being forced to confront the toxic issue at its annual conference.

With talk of a new election swirling after May's "Chequers" plan was all but shredded at an European Union summit last week and chances of a disorderly departure that could damage the economy rising, the opposition party is under pressure to set the Brexit agenda.

"I tell you what - they are on borrowed time because a Labour government is coming", he said to deafening cheers.

However, speaking to BBC Breakfast, shadow housing and communities minister Andrew Gwynne stopped short of repeating his bosses' support for a people's vote if it is the wish of party members.

Mr McDonnell said: "The issue now, if we are going to respect the last referendum, it will be about the deal".

That could include calling for a second referendum. It calls for Britain to leave the EU but remain in the bloc's customs union with "full access" to the EU's huge single market.

Brexit has so far largely dominated this year's party conference, a meeting of Labour members who are increasingly confident that Corbyn will soon be leading a government.

He told the Today programme: 'The next leader of the Labour party has to be a woman'.

"What we don't want is MPs having to defend their positions in their local areas when they could be campaigning in parliament for social policy that affects the many, not the few".

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