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The charity said foetal dopplers were cheap to buy and easily available but warned they were only safe when used by a trained medical professional

Amazon urged to ban ‘unsafe’ home doppler device sales

The National Alliance on Mental Illness states that 50 percent of all chronic mental disorders take root at the age of 14.

On this World Mental Health Day this newspaper is once more putting the spotlight on mental health, starting with the heartbreaking story of young mum Rachael Campey.

Training: Let's give teachers the knowledge and confidence to make schools mentally healthy places by guaranteeing at least one day's training a year on learning about children's mental health. "Before I knew it, weeks turned into months, my sadness became chronic and I displayed full blown symptoms of a mentally challenged person", Mr Oyewale, is a 30-year-old first child in family of six. It is time we made people aware of what mental health really is. Hopefully, the fact that many more organisations are raising awareness of mental health issues across their workforces (51% in 2018 versus 31% in 2016) is fostering a more open culture where employees are more willing to talk about their mental health.

Academy player Lewis Collins said: "The two ladies have come in and talked to us about mental health". Moreover, half of all mental health problems in adulthood have their onset during or before adolescence.

She said: 'In my time as health minister I have met many people who have been bereaved by suicide and their stories of pain and loss will stay with me for a long time. We need conversation between young people and adults to determine the issues within the system, and evidence-based research to address these issues.

"Mental health is exactly the same as having a cold [and the policy means] you're able to take time to look after yourself", he said.

A recent evaluation of the McGowan Government's "Think Mental Health" campaign has shown the program has delivered impressive results, with 28 per cent of males who saw the campaign taking action to improve their mental health and wellbeing. For instance, some companies may provide group risk benefits to selected members of staff, and may believe the added-value benefits such as support for mental health can only be accessed by them, but this is not necessarily the case; often they can actually be accessed by all employees, and providers actively encourage proactive and regular use of the benefits.

The Lancet Commission on Global Mental Health and Sustainable Development urged high income countries such as the United Kingdom to spend 10% of their health care budget on mental health.

According to recent statistics, each year around one in four people in England experience a mental health problem, and the proportion of diagnosable common mental health conditions has increased by 20 per cent in 20 years.

Wednesday, 10 October will be World Mental Health Day, an annual event to raise awareness about issues around mental health around the world.

"No other health condition in humankind has been neglected as much as mental health has", Prof Patel said.

"Sessions on stress management amongst other topics are also part of our vibrant workplace wellness programme", Mrs. Brandy-Williams said. People will readily swallow pain-killers, totally ignorant that they have far more lethal side effects than any anti-depressant - because it is for treating a bodily disorder.

In the DHCC, close to 30 clinical partners offer services in mental health issues that affect children and adults alike. This Partnership would bring together allies from across the diverse global mental health community and beyond.

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