Apple’s Version of Netflix Could Be FREE for Apple Device Owners

Getty Images  Alexander Pohl  Nur

Getty Images Alexander Pohl Nur

Until recently, it had been lumped in the same speculative basket as Apple HDTVs and Apple self-driving cars.

CNBC reported that Apple plans on debuting the revamped TV app with original content and new features in "early 2019".

For several months now (or maybe even longer), we've been reporting on many big-name stars and filmmakers jumping on board Apple for original TV shows and films.

Most notably, the report suggests that the Apple-produced and owned content would be free to owners of Apple devices, while only other subscription channels - like HBO or Starz - would cost money to access through the TV app.

Well, that's one way to differentiate yourself in the crowded streaming video market. As previously reported, the company is focusing on "family-friendly" content, with two sources telling CNBC that Apple is on the hunt for "tentpole" franchises that could later prop up a subscription service based on the Netflix model.

The report further claimed that Apple is looking for tent-pole PG-rated shows. It is worth pointing out that the four-year timespan metric is something fresh from the iPhone maker and is mainly aimed to show the popularly of the latest iOS version among all the devices that are available on its compatibility list. As evidenced by the image below, 40% of iOS users on recent devices are still running iOS 11.

If Apple can find the next Stranger Things or Game Of Thrones, this service could have a real shot at supplanting Netflix in the lounge room - particularly if it provides access to the best content from rival streaming giants. Much like how channels work on Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV users will be able to subscribe to third-party services like HBO from within Apple TV.

We'll be keeping a close eye on this one as it develops.

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