Almost half of Edmontonians won’t get flu shot

Pediatricians suggest getting flu shot by Halloween

Pediatricians suggest getting flu shot by Halloween

A new survey on parents' attitude toward the flu vaccine may shed light on why some continue to resist the flu shot, even though it could put their children in danger.

The survey also suggests 34 per cent of Edmonton residents who do not plan to get the flu shot said they feel it is unnecessary because they are healthy.

The department said 125,000 people received the flu shot a year ago through the province's publicly funded vaccination program.

The new national survey of 700 parents suggests a reason: 47 percent fear it could be risky, and 66 percent believed it could be futile for their children.

Hurricanes Michael and Florence have added new complications this flu season, delaying shipments of the vaccine.

The government did a massive campaign and even signed legislation to get people vaccinated against what was thought to be a deadlier form of Spanish influenza, but the CDC was wrong about the strain. Flu shots are generally recommended for anyone age 6 months and older.

Flu season is here, and the report of a child's death in Tampa has more people thinking about getting their annual vaccine. This is because the vaccine is either an "inactivated version" of the virus or has no flu vaccine viruses at all. One-third said that the flu shot didn't work.

The Department of Health and Community Services says 125,000 people across Newfoundland and Labrador received the flu shot in 2017 through the province's publicly funded vaccination program.

"We've had some delays in deliveries due to the hurricane", said Pauline Rolle, director of the Duval County Health Department. The other was an unspecified flu-like disease. They get the vaccine and then get sick and think the two are related.

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