Galaxy S10 got a feature that no one dreamed

Latest smartphone features world’s first rear quad camera

Latest smartphone features world’s first rear quad camera

So much so that the latest iPhone XS Max has a bigger 6.46-inch display - which Apple advertises as 6.5-inch - compared to Galaxy Note 9's 6.44-inch, though the iPhone has a notch. Industry sources familiar with the matter told The Bell that the Galaxy Note 10 display size will be bumped up to 6.66 inches, making it bigger than the XS Max. Although it wouldn't be the biggest smartphone on the market, it will be slightly larger than Apple iPhone XS Max which packs a 6.5-inch screen.

If launched presumably in August next year, the 6.66-inch Note 10 will be the largest in the Galaxy lineup. The resulting screen would have a 19:9 or 19.5:9 aspect ratio, up from 18.5:9.

According to Samsung, the Galaxy Note 9 needed 54 days to hit the aforementioned milestone. For those that need more, it will most likely point to its upcoming phone that can become a tablet, offering a much larger screen real estate than otherwise possible on a phone alone.

The bigger screen on Note 10 makes sense considering the adoption of larger phones continues to increase. Neither Samsung nor Apple will probably go overboard in that regard.

This would be larger than any previous Galaxy Note or Galaxy S series device. This suggests that notch-free display is what Samsung considers a strength and adds weight to rumours that the next generation of phones will have even less bezel while remaining notch-free. Besides, until then, many Note 10 leaks and rumors would emerge online.

Samsung Electronics announced the launch of its new Galaxy A9, on Saturday featuring the world's first rear quad camera.

Samsung is the company that single-handedly created the phablet category with the Galaxy Note line years ago.

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