"Tournaments" Mode Coming to Fortnite This Week

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A new "Events" tab has been added, explains v6.10's patch notes, along with several in-game tournaments. By playing well, competitors will be matched with others close to their ability level. It's a quad bike that can be charged up in order to either speed up and grab some air, or much more interestingly to charge through player-made structures, destroying them.

Tournament competition takes place over the course over several days with different formats. There's also a score target for each tournament, and reaching it will award players with a pin.

Epic Games say that they will be: "Continuing to develop the tournaments feature to allow for events to occur across multiple rounds, requiring players to have earned a pin to qualify for each subsequent round". Fortnite players from all platforms will compete against one another, regardless of the input method used. Controller players will be up against mouse and keyboard, and mobile players will be in the mix as well. In-Game Tournaments will also let keyboard and mouse, controller, and touch players compete against each other.

Epic claims that Brandon Lucas or "Golden Modz" cheat software unlawfully modifies Fortnite's copyrighted code in a manner that infringes Epic's copyrights by creating unauthorized derivative works of, and substantially similar to, Epic's Fortnite software. They will continue to monitor competitive results and are already considering limiting some esports competitions to specific platforms or control devices in the future. The Alpha Tournament and Salty Springs Cup are geared towards solo play, while the Beta Tournament and Tomato Temple Cup are focused on duo play. Ideally, this should eliminate any "pub stomping", where high skill players make quick work of lesser opponents.

The Fall Skirmish will conclude with a pair of in-person tournaments at TwitchCon 2018, held at the end of October. The second competition will be an invitational event for 50 Fortnite content creators and 50 random TwitchCon attendees with another $350,000 in prize money. We know update 6.10 is scheduled for release sometime this week, and the Quadcrasher could be coming as part of that.

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