Pocahontas descendant calls for apology from Warren

U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren D-Mass. speaks during a town hall-style gathering in Woburn Ma

Trump calls Elizabeth Warren ‘total fraud,’ offers to give DNA test himself

Lindsey Graham said he also planned on taking a DNA test because he had been told his grandmother was "part Cherokee Indian". Just because she grew up in Oklahoma where there is a large Native American population it doesn't mean she experiences life as a Native American woman.

"Honesty with Elizabeth Warren seems to be a foreign word", Diehl said.

But the results showing only a trace presence of Native-American lineage swiftly revived scrutiny of how she may have used that backstory in her professional pursuits.

The post shows Chaffetz posing next to a wooden, cigar store-style American Indian statute and references the recent controversy over Warren releasing results of her DNA testing that suggest a distant native ancestor.

"I found this to be pretty embarrassing for her", said co-host Abby Huntsman. Trump added. "Thank you to the Cherokee Nation for revealing that Elizabeth Warren, sometimes referred to as Pocahontas, is a complete and total Fraud!" Even they don't want her. Phony!

Meaning that Elizabeth Warren's DNA results show that the Democrat's Native American ancestry is roughly the same as that of the average white American and may be less. Further, the Cherokee Nation Secretary of State stated that Warren's gambit at "proving" her heritage, "makes a mockery out of DNA tests and its legitimate uses, while dishonoring legitimate tribal governments, whose ancestors are well-documented and whose heritage is well proven".

Well, we hate to speak for the President, but it would appear that the facts prove Pocahontas Warren is no more Native American than any other white person in the United States.

In July, the president offered to donate one million dollars to her favourite charity if a DNA test proved her Native American bloodline. She can stay. The little orange-haired girl dancing at the powwow who, when my former brother-in-law asked, "What tribe are you?" answered, "I don't know but Mama knows", forever bequeathed us the "Mamaknows" tribe. "The tribes and only the tribes determine citizenship", said Warren in the Globe interview.

"I got this analysis back, and I made it public", Warren continued, the newspaper reported.

The kerfuffle began during Warren's 2012 Senate campaign when opponents accused her of having advanced her academic career as a law professor with the narrative that she is a descendant of Cherokee and DE tribes - using said claims to qualify for affirmative-action hiring considerations. "I think the majority of this room right here is probably more Native American than Elizabeth Warren is".

Warren, who grew up in Norman, has been fighting this fight since her successful 2012 Senate campaign when the Boston Herald noted that Harvard Law School listed her as a minority professor. By blaming political, economic, educational, and social systems, you rob individual women and men of their personal agency and undermine how their own decision-making and choices can overcome challenges in life.

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