Samsung's Galaxy Book 2 ditches Intel for a Snapdragon 850 chip

Samsung Galaxy A7

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This, Samsung boasts, equips the "Always Connected" device with support for Gigabit LTE speed and up to 20 hours of battery life, nearly doubt that offered by the first-gen model. Samsung will be selling the Galaxy Book 2 from November onwards for USD999 (~RM4,158).

This may make the Galaxy Book 2 a bit less unique in its look and feel, but it may well have been a worthy decision given feedback on previous models provided by many, including yours truly. And that's exactly what Samsung is hoping to address with the new Galaxy Book 2. It's a tad heavier than the original at 1.85g (compared to 1.58g), and measures in at 11.32 x 7.89 x 0.30in.

"The way the world works is undergoing an incredible transformation, and users need technology that keeps them connected and ready for anything when they're out in the world getting things done", said Alanna Cotton, Senior VP at Samsung Electronics America. Even when idle or in standby, they can be online enough to retrieve emails, instant messages, and similar materials, they have long battery life (20 hours according to Samsung), and they transparently switch between Wi-Fi when available and LTE when necessary to ensure that they're always online. Samsung is promises a up to 20 hours of battery life on a single charge. System memory comes in at 4 GB, storage at 128 GB (plus microSD expansion) and the physical keyboard/folio cover hybrid and S Pen come included in the box. That's something you'll most likely do if you want to use this for proper multitasking and productivity, anyway.

Samsung has announced a new version of its Galaxy Book 2-in-1 PC and it features the new octocore Qualcomm Snapdragon 850 mobile PC processor rather than one of Intel's chips. On its sides, the also Galaxy Book 2 offers two USB-C ports and a headphone jack. For now, the Galaxy Book 2 offers a few compelling features that differentiate it from its rivals, but we'll have to spend more time with it to know if it'll truly stand out.

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