Red Dead Redemption 2 rumored PC version surfaces once again

Red Dead Redemption 2 rumored PC version surfaces once again

Red Dead Redemption 2 listed for PC

For those who do, GameStop is running a promotion that gives Red Dead Redemption 2 buyers a chance to get $100 off an Xbox One console. Either that or they have simply taken it down after the media discovering it.

The listing is likely just a shell placeholder, and has been updated to disallow pre-orders (the original let users pre-order the PC version) and any mention of a placeholder 2019 release has been scrubbed. The listing claims that Red Dead Redemption 2 will be out on PC sometime next year, and if we're following Rockstar's release schedule with Grand Theft Auto V, that doesn't seem too insane. It's possible that might happen with the upcoming prequel as well, though it does seem unlikely given the two separate indications of a PC release for Red Dead Redemption 2. And if that's the case, will it bring that version to the PC after its next-gen console release?

For those that preordered Red Dead Redemption 2 a while ago, they have no doubt been wondering what time the preload starts, and the good news is that it's already live. Even if you're not trying to get an Xbox One X, the Xbox One S still gets marked down to just $199 after the discount is applied, a low price for a mid-tier Xbox One console.

That's right, following several rumours suggesting multiple discs for the physical edition of the open world western, new images from retailers and several other sources have indeed confirmed that Red Dead Redemption 2 will feature two discs for the price of one.

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