Facebook Messenger launching new long-awaited feature

Facebook Messenger Unsend feature gives you 10 minutes to take it back

Facebook will give you 10 minutes to unsend that embarrassing message

The feature first came into light when Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was found to be deleting messages he sent out.

Have you ever sent a Facebook message and realized it wasn't really something you wanted to send?

"Users would be given just 10 minutes to jump in and delete their most recently sent message".

According to BusinessInsider, the new feature was spotted in the release notes for the newest Messenger update, but for now it's still listed as "coming soon".

One of Gmail's best features is the ability to unsend emails.

Conflicting message aside, it would seem like a pretty tight window, compared to the implementation by other apps.

Bottom line: Great news for people who take their phones with them on nights out: Facebook Messenger's long-talked-about unsend feature is nearly here. This gives the recipient the opportunity to read the messages, even if you decide to take it back within the timeframe its eligible to be "unsent". It's unclear at this time whether the feature will work both on mobile and on desktop, but it would make sense for Facebook to offer the same messaging experience across platforms. We reported back in October about the functionality, pointing out the benefits and disadvantages of the Unsend messages option.

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