Ingress Prime is out right now on Android

'Pokemon Go' to Add New Shiny Pokemon to Commemorate Launch of 'Ingress Prime'

Ingress Re-Launches as Ingress Prime with Improved Features

Prime also comes with a new tutorial that properly explains the point of the game, and therefore allow players to make an informed decision, of whether to join the "Enlightened" clan or the "Resistance" clan. Ingress Prime has been redesigned to make it easier for the masses to understand. The technology pioneered by Niantic in Ingress was then used as the foundation for Pokemon Go.

Ingress Prime pushes the rival teams to control "Portals" that continuously generate "Exotic Matter".

Several quality-of-life improvements have been added to Ingress Prime, such as quick-swipe menus, inventory management, the ability to link a Facebook account as well as new security features. Every couple of months one of the factions wins, based on how many portals players have managed to capture, and this changes the story of the game. The first seriously popular AR game on mobile were Ingress and Pokemon Go. It is a game wherein you are tasked with choosing one of two sides in a conflict which involves the worldwide players. Before that it was mostly proof of concept games and stuff like that. It ... After almost two-and-a-half years, more players will soon be hitting the cap and looking for something else to when that happens. At the moment, you can only snap an AR photo when catching a Pokmon - after that, it cannot be photographed again.

The company says it has spent six years working on improving Ingress, and are keen to share with both existing and new players to new innovations introduced in Ingress Prime, which are said to build on the multiplayer gameplay, narrative integration and real-world experiences of the original geared towards veteran and new players. It's a line I've heard Niantic use before, but the words "Pokmon Go is the world's best onboarding tool for Ingress" have never been more accurate. The overhauling and expansion include an anime series airing in Japan and global via Netflix in 2019 and a live-action web series. Naturally the interface is very different, and the game is now fully 3D.

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