LeBron on All-Star draft being broadcast: 'What's bad about it?'

2018 NBA All Star Game

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However, captains LeBron James and Stephen Curry both agreed after the draft that it should have been shown to the fans.

While a firm date and specific format for the televised draft has not yet been confirmed, January 30 and 31 have emerged as two potential targets for TNT broadcast.

Last year, the National Basketball Association introduced a new wrinkle to the All-Star Game format with fans continuing to select the five starters for the Eastern and Western Conference. The New York Times was first to report the news. The league found a ideal new way to conduct the All-Star Game, yet still managed to screw up a big part of it.

The NBA and NBPA have reached an agreement to televise the NBA All-Star draft this year.

This should have been televised past year, but better than late than never.

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. - LeBron James enjoyed picking his All-Star squad with Steph Curry last season and doesn't see a downside to watching that process play out on television this season.

After the teams were announced, LeBron, Steph and others around the league said they hoped the league would televise the draft in 2019. Depending on who represents the East this year as the captain, James, Curry or another West All-Star could be in for an fantastic event when it's time to pick teams. This is the right way to play an All-Star game with the Western Conference just way better than the East.

Whatever transpires, this season's game will differ from last season's in one key way: we'll know the order in which players were drafted, meaning the game will have some potential added motivational factors.

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