Florida Gov. Rick Scott Sues Broward County Election Supervisor

Matt York  APArizona Republican senatorial candidate Martha McSally speaks with voters Nov. 6 2018 at Chase's diner in Chandler Ariz

Matt York APArizona Republican senatorial candidate Martha McSally speaks with voters Nov. 6 2018 at Chase's diner in Chandler Ariz

In the Senate contest that Scott was running in, Democrat Bill Nelson was trailing by "about 15,000 votes, a margin of 0.18 points".

A judge is also siding with Scott in his complaints against West Palm Beach County, saying the supervisor of elections need to submit "overvoted" and "undervoted" absentee ballots to the canvassing board before they're counted. "I will not sit idly by while unethical liberals try to steal this election from the great people of Florida".

Speaking with reporters on Friday, President Donald Trump addressed the controversy.

While en route to France for ceremonies marking the end of World War I, Trump's tweet storm included criticisms of Florida elections officials and allegations of fraud. "Florida voted for Rick Scott!".

In reality, it appears Broward County simply hasn't finished counties its ballots.

Scott, the challenger, has sued supervisors of elections in both Broward and Palm Beach counties, accusing them of mishandling the ballot count.

"Once again this court finds that Broward County is under the nation's microscope because of an election", Phillips said in the ruling, according to a WFTV reporter Field Sutton.

The legal challenge takes on a state law that requires county election officials to double-check signatures of voters who cast provisional and mail-in ballots. If the margin between two candidates is half a percentage point or less by Saturday, the state must do a machine recount.

Nelson's campaign asserted that Scott was overstepping his bounds.

The news stood in stark contrast to the apparent posturing of the opposite by Republican officials who were complaining that Snipes, who is overseeing vote tabulation, was working to give votes to Democratic candidates in the Senate and gubernatorial elections.

As of Thursday evening, ballots collected in Broward County showed that nearly 25,000 people voted in the governor's race but not in the Senate race.

Murphy said on Twitter he was given a notice from the county that there was an "invalid signature match", and that they were therefore unable to count his ballot. Snipes claimed that this was because of the high volume of mail-in ballots which arrived before the deadline on Tuesday. "It's actually a vote of Senate versus attorney general and some of the other down ballot races". "She did not abide by the law". Every other county, including neighboring Miami-Dade (which had 100k more votes cast) was able to canvass, tabulate & report to state by deadline.

Days after midterm voting, as ballots are still being counted, Republican lawmakers who are holding on to tight leads in midterm states are alleging foul play and voter fraud.

A judge on Friday sided with Scott and ordered Broward County's election supervisor to release the voter information sought by the governor by 7 p.m. Friday. "Don't worry, Florida - I am sending much better lawyers to expose the FRAUD!" he tweeted on his way to Paris to celebrate Armistice Day.

Republican control of the 100-member Senate isn't in doubt, but the races in Florida and Arizona have implications for how easily GOP lawmakers can confirm Trump's picks for the federal judiciary and top agency positions.

Referring to himself as the state's senator-elect, he voiced disbelief at the sheer number of votes discovered in Broward County since election night: "How do you come up with 78,000 more votes in one county?" Trump tweeted. "Let's blame the Russians and demand an immediate apology from President Putin!"

"If you look at Broward County, they have had a frightful history", he said, "and if you look at the person, in this case a woman, involved, she has had a disgusting history, and all of a sudden, they're finding votes out of nowhere".

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