Recounts possible in U.S. Senate, governor's races as margins shrink

Courtesy CBS News

Courtesy CBS News

The Florida Elections Canvassing Commission - comprised of Scott and two Cabinet members - is slated to meet 9 a.m. November 20th to certify the election results.

Nelson hired veteran election-law attorney Marc Elias to navigate what is sure to prove a highly contentious process, reminiscent of the battle that decided the 2000 presidential election between George W. Bush and Al Gore.

"Let's be clear: When Elias says 'win, ' he means 'steal, ' " Scott's campaign said.

The center of Democratic voting concerns are in Broward County, the second most populous county in Florida, where lawyers believe there is an issue with how voters were calculated for Nelson.

Standing on the steps of the Governor's Mansion Thursday night, Scott accused Snipes and Palm Beach election supervisor Susan Bucher, both Democrats, of trying to steal the election.

"If you look at Broward and Palm Beach (counties) to a lesser extent. they have had a awful history", Trump told reporters at the White House before departing for Paris. For the record most times election results are not overturned - but this is Florida.

Meanwhile, Democratic incumbent Sen.

Gillum's campaign said it was monitoring the tightening result in the governor's race.

His claim to have won the election was backed by President Trump who tweeted: "Law enforcement is looking into another big corruption scandal having to do with electoral fraud in Broward and Palm Beach".

You can read Gov. Scott's lawsuit against Brenda Snipes, Broward County Elections Supervisor, below or here. Nelson campaign spokesman Dan McLaughlin issued a statement saying that all votes should be counted accurately and that Scott's action "appears to be politically motivated and borne out of desperation". He suggested something was awry because vote-counters were taking longer there than in other jurisdictions, and his thin lead has kept narrowing since Election Night.

In Florida, an automatic recount is triggered when there's a lead of less than one half of a percentage.

Now, with DeSantis' election, that conservative Republican influence will extend to the Florida Supreme Court, which has a 4-3 liberal majority that has blocked many initiatives advanced by the Republican-led Legislature and Gov. Rick Scott. As of this writing, the discrepancy sits at just over 38,000 votes out of 8.2 million cast, giving Gillum 49.15 percent of the vote to DeSantis' 49.62 percent, according the state's elections division.

"We are requesting the total number of provisional ballots in Pasco County, and the voter information for these ballots", Grace Albergo, regional political director for Scott's campaign, wrote in an email published by The Tampa Bay Times. He said he also directed the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to immediately investigate their conduct, and is considering "every single legal option available".

Sarah Revell, a spokeswoman for the Florida Department of State, didn't know of any other recount in a governor or Senate race in state history. DeSantis was elected governor on Tuesday, defeating Tallahasee Mayor Andrew Gillum in a close race.

A recount is mandatory if the winning candidate's margin is less than 0.5 percentage points when the first unofficial count is verified Saturday by Florida's secretary of state. The two-term governor's victory margin dropped from.27 percent on Wednesday to just 0.22 of 1 percent by Thursday afternoon, according to unofficial returns.

If any races are within a quarter percentage point, a hand recount will then be ordered.

In the governor's race, Democrat Andrew Gillum's campaign said Thursday it's readying for a possible recount.

Elias said he and his team are keeping an eye on provisional ballots counted statewide, which he argued tend to favor Democrats, and votes in Broward and Palm Beach counties.

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