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White House suspends CNN's Jim Acosta

'You're a terrible person': Trump lashes out at reporter in fiery exchange

She's gets publicity, and then she gets a pay raise and a contract with I think CNN.

Twitter has veteran journalist April Ryan's back after President Trump called her "a loser" and threatened to revoke her press credential, as he did with CNN's Jim Acosta.

Trump, who that day had tried to declare a Republican victory despite the Democrats' takeover of the House of Representatives in the midterm elections, called Acosta a "rude, bad person" before attempting to move on.

On Wednesday, Trump was telling reporters about his low opinion of CNN reporter, Jim Acosta after their altercation at a presser, when he changed tack and said that Ryan was "a loser, she doesn't know what the hell she's doing".

Acosta, who also had a testy exchange with Trump during the same news conference, came to Ryan's defense on Twitter.

White House officials said Trump got exhausted of negative headlines about Shulkin's travel expenses and infighting within the VA. Shulkin said in an interview with MSNBC that Kelly told him he was sacked just before Trump tweeted the news - and that Trump had failed to mention it during a phone conversation only hours earlier.

"You are a rude awful person, you should not be working for CNN", Trump said, further baselessly accusing him of reporting "fake news" and calling him an "enemy of the people".

He belittled several reporters, saying one had asked "a stupid question", and singled out April Ryan, of Urban Radio Networks, calling her "very nasty".

As he left the White House for a brief trip to France, CNN reporter Abby Phillip asked the president whether he wanted his new acting attorney general, Matthew Whitaker, to "rein in" special counsel Robert Mueller, as has been widely speculated. She subsequently tweeted a manipulated video clip that showed Acosta's arm touching the intern's arm as she tried to take the microphone.

The White House News Photographers Association decried the sharing of the footage. Acosta refused. Trump backed away from his podium and briefly paced the stage.

"He leaves little doubt about what he really thinks of us", she wrote in The Post.

In between his calls for "respect", Trump called Acosta "unprofessional" and disparaged the reporter's intelligence.

In response to Sanders' statement about why his pass had been revoked, Acosta tweeted simply, "This is a lie". He said she was rude for interrupting another reporter, though he did briefly answer one of Ryan's questions.

CNN has been working behind the scenes on a resolution that would restore Acosta's pass. "What a stupid question, but I watch you a lot; you ask a lot of stupid questions".

"What a stupid question you asked", Trump replied.

"Journalists should be able to do their job without fear that a tough series of questions will provoke retaliation", said Committee to Protect Journalists' Advocacy Director Courtney Radsch in a statement.

Trump told @Yamiche her question was "racist".

It's no secret that the president and CNN reporter Jim Acosta have an especially adversarial relationship. "I will continue to ask the questions that affect America, all of America".

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