Flight Attendant Feeds Baby After Mother Runs Out Of Formula

Philippine Airlines

Fleet of Philippine Airlines passenger planes park on the tarmac

Organo said there was no formula milk onboard, but she knew she had to do something.

"Passengers started looking and staring at the tiny, fragile crying infant", Organo recalls of the scene in her Facebook post.

Organo, who has a almost six-month-old daughter, said her line administrator led the passenger to the galley where she then breastfed the woman's baby until she fell asleep. "She said, 'Yes yes!' but in her language", Organo says. "So special not only because I got qualified as an Evaluator but I got to help", she wrote. It turns out that it would be a momentous flight for her in another way.

Organo, who has a young daughter at home, said she felt a "pinch in my heart" as there was no formula on the plane. But suddenly after takeoff, she heard a baby start to cry.

Flight attendant Patrisha Organo was just doing her job on a Philippine Airlines flight Wednesday when she received another call of duty. In fact, the Human Milk Banking Association of North America collects and pasteurizes breast milk for mothers who can't breastfeed their own babies. Thankfully, a flight attendant named Patrisha Organo was able to help in a truly generous way.

Feeding a baby with breastmilk from someone other than the mother does risk exposing the child to infectious diseases and other contaminants if the donor has not been screened, the Food and Drug Administration warns.

The line administrator then led the baby's mother to a private area where Organo could feed the infant.

Not only was Organo happy to help a stranger in need, her compassionate gesture also helped get her a promotion with the airline as well.

She realized that she had been right-the flight was going to be special. I escorted her back to her seat and just before I left, the mother sincerely thanked me. Her Facebook post featured a photo of her holding the passenger's baby, but she edited the picture to obscure the baby's face so as to protect "her family's privacy". For this selfless, generous act, she absolutely deserves all the praise coming her way.

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