Ubisoft has Just Teased a New Far Cry Game

Ubisoft Teased A New ‘Far Cry’ Game Set In A Post Apocalyptic Hope County

Post-apocalyptic Far Cry to be unveiled tomorrow

Something to look forward to: Fans of Ubisoft's Far Cry series will be pleased to hear that the company is already working on the franchise's latest entry, and it could be fully revealed at The Game Awards tomorrow.

In any event, Far Cry 5 ended with a surprise nuclear Armageddon: It turns out that Joseph Seed, the apocalyptic preacher at the heart of all the trouble in Hope County, was right all along. We get glimpses of that in the teaser with the purple flowers. Whatever form the new project takes, Far Cry is going post-apocalyptic.

Given the short time span between this tease and Far Cry 5, it's fairly unlikely that this title will be a full-fat Far Cry experience. It's likely it won't be a follow-up to 2018's "Far Cry 5", seeing as it's only been out in the wild for months, but it could potentially be a spin-off of the core game or set in the same rural area of Montana.

This will also be the first Far Cry game to be a direct sequel to the last. If you take a closer look at the trailer, you may notice that in the first frame we see the dropping of a nuclear bomb just in the background, with a familiar-looking Montana-esque barn and a United States flag next to it.

Guess we'll find out tomorrow night!

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