North Carolina Republicans call for bipartisan probe of fraud in House race

North Carolina candidate paid $428k to consulting firm linked to alleged ballot tampering

State officials investigate potential election fraud in North Carolina; emergency hearing possible

Dan McCready, the Democrat running for Congress in the disputed 9th District, has renounced his concession.

"There's reason to doubt the capacity of the State Board of Elections", state Sen.

"I didn't serve overseas in the Marines just to come home to N.C. and watch a criminal, bankrolled by my opponent, take away people's very right to vote", McCready said.

"I call on Mark Harris to tell us exactly what he knew and when he knew it", McCready said.

Earlier Thursday, North Carolina Republican Party executive director Dallas Woodhouse told CNN he would support a new election if the elections board proves allegations of fraud are true and impacted the outcome of the race. Dowless worked as a contractor for Republican candidate Mark Harris' campaign.

Dowless earned more than $23,000 working on six campaigns dating back to 2010, and in most of those races, Dowless' candidates received a disproportionately higher percentage of absentee votes in Bladen County.

If the results are certified when the board meets December 21, the loser can contest the result within 30 days. "Unless new evidence somehow clears the clouds hanging over this election, the Board of Elections should toss out the 9th District results".

The allegations have left North Carolina's Ninth Congressional district seat in limbo, with Harris holding a 905-vote lead over Democrat Dan McCready. She also noted the investigative power of the House to determine race winners.

The state Board of Elections has twice declined to certify the outcome in the 9th District and now plans to hold a hearing on it later this month, which means a brand new election may have to be held.

There are also claims that incomplete ballots were collected and then filled out later, Cohen said. Until then, the media hadn't focused too much on those possibilities, but that's precisely why ballot harvesting is illegal in North Carolina.

Some voters said they handed their unsealed ballots over to one of these operatives.

The revelations and ensuing national news coverage have put pressure on Republicans and attracted attention from top Democrats.

Leading House Democrat Steny Hoyer on Tuesday said his party may not seat Harris if the election remains in question when Democrats take control of the lower chamber in January.

"Any member-elect can object to the seating or the swearing in of another member-elect, and we'll see how that goes". The Associated Press retracted its call for Harris last week and is treating the race as if it's proceeded to a recount.

A state election board spokesman confirmed Thursday that subpoenas seeking documents had been sent to the Harris campaign, the firm serving as Harris' chief strategist and the campaign committee of the sitting Bladen sheriff. Why, for instance, did a lopsided share of absentee ballots that were counted favor Mr. Harris, while an overwhelming amount of ballots requested but never returned or counted came from areas likely to favor McCready?

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