North Korean sends top diplomat to key ally China

SUSAN WALSH AP"We fell in love- North Korea's Kim Jong Un and US President Donald Trump at the Singapore summit in June

People lie, satellite images don't-hence why the USA and South Korea are closely monitoring a new suspected missile site near North Korea's central border with China.

According to CNN, Pyongyang has upgraded the Yeongjeo-dong missile base in North Korea´s mountainous interior and has built up another facility that had not previously been publicly identified.

"Satellite images show that the base remains active".

"Moreover, in the past year North Korea has significantly expanded a nearby facility that appears to be another missile base".

As of August 2018, researchers said North Korea is continuing to construct an extremely large underground facility.

Since their historic meeting in Singapore this past June, U.S. President Donald Trump has repeatedly expressed hope that he and Kim can come to an agreement to denuclearize North Korea.

"Whatever [North Korean leader Kim Jong Un] says about his desire for denuclearization, North Korea continues to produce and deploy nuclear armed missiles", the Middlebury Institute's Jeffrey Lewis told CNN. Citing the report, the New York Times suggested that North Korea has been deceiving the United States since the Singapore summit.

In a statement the Pentagon said: "We watch North Korea very closely but we can not discuss intelligence".

North Korea is now seeking security guarantees from the USA and relief from global sanctions. "We will not discuss matters of intelligence". "Meeting Kim again only validates Kim's strategy of using Trump to play for time and sanctions relief, and keep North Korea on the pathway to becoming a de facto nuclear weapon state", Medeiros told The New York Times.

According to intelligence officials in South Korea, the North has been operating a missile base in a border town close to China. However, Xi did not attend celebrations of the 70th anniversary of North Korea's founding in September in what was seen as an indication that Beijing expected further actions from Kim, including concrete progress toward denuclearisation.

His national security adviser, John Bolton, acknowledged the failure of the Singapore summit but said...

Washington and Pyongyang had been locked in a diplomatic standoff for weeks over which side would make concessions first.

The base itself is strung along a narrow valley.

"Up through the valley there are a pair of hardened "drive-through" shelters that were covered with soil and had trees planted on them to disguise them".

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