There's a new 'Captain Marvel' trailer. Here's why it really matters

Marvel Studios Unleashes New Captain Marvel Poster

Captain Marvel's Cosmic New Poster Arrives Ahead Of Fresh Trailer

In it, we see that Carol Danvers, as a Kree soldier, arrives in "90s Los Angeles, where she is hunting for Skrulls".

And yet, her memories are faint. "If anyone tells you different don't trust them". Based on what we see, she's unaware of the fact that she's actually human, and piecing that together will apparently be part of her arc during the movie. "We made you one of us". Gee, I wonder what that war could be? In comics, Carol heads off into space to run the Alpha Flight space station and Chewie ends up going along for the ride.

The 1990s-set film features the Oscar victor as fighter pilot-turned-superhero Carol Danvers - the first female Marvel superhero to get her own standalone movie.

That Fury character has so far appeared in eight other Marvel Cinematic Universe films, though this entry, taking place several decades before the others, features Fury as a younger man. When we sat down on set with Brie Larson-the actor who's bringing her to life-she was quick to gush about the love story at the center of the film. I felt really nervous because it's this thing that, this woman that she created, that I feel very certain she knows way better than I do. But before long, Carol finds herself back on Earth with new questions about her past.

Funko, the incredibly hot collectible company who makes everyone's favorite cartoony bobble-heads released their Captain Marvel line of Pop! figures. This led to the speculation that Law would be the actual villain of the film, and not Ben Mendolsohn's Skrull character.

The film, directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, isn't Marvel's first foray into sci-fi - that honour goes to the Guardians of the Galaxy- but it has an element of mystery that will be fun for comic book fans to unpeel.

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