Wisconsin's Walker weighing bill signings

Analysis: How GOP Bills Would Limit Gov.-Elect Tony Evers' Power

GOP Wisconsin State Legislature Passes Bill Limiting Incoming Democratic Governor's Powers. Here's What That Means

And the bill would make it harder for Evers to alter existing laws like Wisconsin's voter ID law.

The Republican-controlled Legislature approved sweeping changes early Wednesday that weaken the governor's ability to make rules that enact laws.

Bills advancing in Michigan's Republican-controlled Legislature would strip power from the incoming Democratic secretary of state.

The move comes almost a month after Gov. -elect Tony Evers, a Democrat, narrowly beat Republican Gov. Scott Walker. He says a handful of people desperately want to "cling to power".

The Republican-led Michigan House has voted to empower the Legislature to intervene in any lawsuit at any stage, a right already granted to the state attorney general. "At no point did they say they wanted bills rushed through a hasty lame-duck session", said Patrick Schuh, state director for the liberal group America Votes. Republican Gov. Rick Snyder has not taken a position on the measure or others that could win final legislative approval as soon as next week.

The attorney general's office could also be weakened by a proposal to require a legislative committee, rather than the attorney general, to sign off on withdrawing from federal lawsuits. That could prevent the state from pulling out of a lawsuit challenging the Affordable Care Act (ACA), something Evers promised to do.

The measures also restrict early in-person voting to two weeks before an election.

Democrats say the measure provided inadequate coverage and would cause premiums to skyrocket.

"Senate Republicans have voted to gut enforcement of Michigan's campaign finance law", she said in a statement following the 25-11 votes along nearly entirely party lines.

The new legislation would allow districts to apply to become "innovative districts" that are exempt from most state education rules and would answer to the new commission.

The pre-existing conditions measure failed after all 15 Democrats in the Senate and two Republicans voted against it.

Democratic Attorney General-elect Dana Nessel is thought to be the aim of an additional bill which provides the legislature with the right to wade into legal battles involving the state.

One provision allowing lawmakers to replace the attorney general with their own attorneys was stricken following all-night negotiations among Republicans.

Unless, of course, they voted to limit that governor's power.

The lawmakers would also grant themselves the power to hire private lawyers to defend state laws facing court challenges - another move created to chip away at Kaul and the new administration's powers. Governor Walker, what do you want your legacy to be? Currently, each county has the power to decide their early voting terms, and many Democrat-dominated counties have a six-week period to vote early. "She's perfectly capable of figuring out who is a Democrat and who is a Republican without the help of this lame-duck Legislature".

Scott Walker is on his way out, defeated in November by Democratic Gov. -elect Tony Evers. Republicans argue that the new body, which would be made up of three Democratic and three Republican legislators appointed by the governor, would promote bipartisan cooperation.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) has steadily amassed power during his eight-year tenure.

The bill approved Wednesday is opposed by Democrats who call it another power grab in the lame-duck session before Democrats begin leading top state offices in January.

Republicans pushed on Tuesday night into Wednesday through protests, internal disagreement and Democratic opposition.

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