James Corden Serenades Jeff Goldblum in ''Thank U, Next'' Parody

Ariana Grande Loves James Corden's Reimagining Of

James Corden Loves On Jeff Goldblum In Hilarious 'Thank U, Next' Parody

The lyrics? "He taught me love, he taught me patience, he taught me pain".

After Corden showed him the vid, a shocked Goldblum said: "Wow, very handsome, thank you".

Hollywood oddball Jeff Goldblum appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden last night (December 5), and the pair paid tribute to Ariana Grande's viral music video for "thank u, next."

Sorry, Ariana Grande "Thank u, next" is out and "Thank u, Jeff" is in. The pink-embellished scrapbook featured pictures of the 66-year-old actor throughout his career and special, heartfelt notes (written by James) alongside each photo. James sang ahead of his Winter Formal stage performance where he sang the song's chorus.

Corden goes on to praise Goldblum as a "silver fox with black thick-rimmed glasses" and "the complete package".

'I'm so freaking grateful for his pecs / You can bet that he has tonnes of sex'.

Trolling the pop song, James is rocking some silk pjs, with a burn book of his own dedicated to Jeff Goldblum.

I've re-watched the video more times than I care to admit - just unbelievable.

One person who wants to get her hands on it is Ariana herself, who tweeted afterwards: 'omg. may i please. please for christmas have the thank u, jeff book? it's for a friend. promise'.

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